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         OPC .Net client server toolkits for OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA
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XML DA Client Components

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XML DA / OPC DA Client Development Component
XMLDA.NET is a .NET component that handles the access to OPC DA and XML DA servers. The application is coded as an XML DA web client, independent of the type of server to be accessed.


.Net Applications

ASP.NET Applications 

WCF Applications 

 OPC-DA V2/V3 Servers




XML-DA Servers




Powerful helper classes such as BrowseTree, ListBuilder and DataBind reduce the application code to a minimum. Complex data visualization applications can be implemented in a few lines of VB.Net or C# code.



Category Description

How to build OPC XML-DA Clients

OPC Client Application with Web Service Reference
OPC XML-DA web service Visual Studio .Net supports the creation of web service client applications.
When a web service or it's WSDL file is referenced, proxy stub methods are created. These methods are used to access the service.

The built-in service information is minimal and the OPC XML-DA specification needs to be conulted to be able to use the methods correctly.


OPC XML-DA Client Application using the XMLDA.NET Wrapper

The XML-DA client references the XMLDA.NET assembly in place of the web service reference.
Depending on the URL:
- the XML-DA server is accessed
- the call is wrapped to the OPC DA interface and the OPC DA server is accessed through DCOM.

Supports fast access to multiple OPC DA servers and standard web service access to multiple XML-DA servers.
All XmlDAClientSDK features are included.

The XMLDA.NET Wrapper is specially interesting for ASP client applications for OPC-DA servers. The ASP application is remotely accessible and may be installed at the location of the OPC-DA server. With XMLDA.NET is has direct access to the OPC-DA server without having to go through another XML serialization.
Windows Forms applications have to go through a remote XML-DA gateway to be able to access remote OPC-DA servers.



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