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XML DA Sample Servers

Two sample XML DA servers are installed on our web server and can be accessed from any OPC XML compliant client application at the following URLs:

http://advosol.us/XMLDADemo/ts_sim/OpcDaGateway.asmx This is the XDAGW-SS server-side Gateway. It is configured to access the OCSTK.DA.Sim.32 OPC DA Simulation Server.
http://advosol.us/XMLDADemo/XML_Sim/opcxmldaserver.asmx This is a native XML DA server created with the XDARAP XML DA Server Toolkit. It has an OPC XML DA V1.0 compliant generic server and a .Net customization assembly. The installed customization defines a few items and simulates changes.
http://advosol.us/XMLDADemo/OXS/OpcExchange.asmx The OXS OPC Exchange Server Web Service aggregates items from multiple OPC DA servers and makes these items read/write accessible from XML DA clients. The Exchange Server can be configured to exchange data between the configured OPC servers.


If these URLs are visited with a browser then only a list of the supported methods is displayed.
An XML DA client is required to execute the server methods.
If you don't have an XML DA client then download the free Advosol XML DA test client as a OnceClick Smart Client.

Important Note:
A subscription refresh poll may block for an unintended long time if the clocks of the server computer and/or the client computer are not well adjusted. The XML-DA standard defines the Hold time as an absolute time that has to match the server clock. The Advosol XML-DA test client has a relative (to the client computer clock) Hold time specification in the user interface. To prevent blocks, a negative relative time, e.g. -1800 seconds should be specified in the Hold time box.

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