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         OPC .Net client server toolkits for OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA
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XML DA Server Toolkits

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XML-DA .NET Server Toolkit

The XML-DA .NET Server Toolkit (XDASrv) is a .Net web service with an XML-DA V1.01 compliant generic server and a .Net assembly with the application specific device handler.


Category Description

XML-DA Server Toolkits

The XML-DA server toolkits are designed for simple use and provide Visual Studio integrated help and and wizards that take guesswork out of the development process.

Only a customization assembly needs to be developed and this assembly can be used with the XML-DA and OPC-DA generic server.


Easy to use programming tools

bullet The application specific customization assembly can be coded in C#, VB.Net or with any .Net compatible compiler.
bullet VB and C# project templates and wizards create the application base code according the user dialog selections.
bullet The project documentation is integrated into the Visual Studio help system and offers context sensitive help.
bullet Many application samples provided

OPC DA and OPC XML DA Server Toolkit

For more detailed information about the two types of OPC servers go to the pages for the OPCDA.NET Customizable Server and the XML-DA Rapid Server Toolkit.

Evaluation versions are available as a free downloads.

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