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         OPC .Net client server toolkits for OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA
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EasyUA OPC UA Client SDK

The EasyUA Client SDK provides a set of .NET classes the handle the UA server communication. Included are sample applications and utilities for configuration and testing.
OPC UA DA, HA, AC and UA Methods functionality is supported.

The EasyUA DLL contains a layered set of classes that make the UA server access very simple and on the other hand give the user full control over the server access by using the lower level classes.

  • The UaClient class is the base for each application. It handles the UA configuration and server discovery.

  • The BrowseTree class browses the UA server hierarchically and displays the result in a TreeView or TreeView/ListView control.

  • The UaDataBind class links UA nodes to properties in Windows/WPF controls.

  • The Browser class implements the UA server browse features.

  • The Subscription class implements the UA server subscription features.

  • The Session class handles the UA server communication.

  • The UA .NET Stack implements the UA communication protocol.

EasyUA Advantages

EasyUA can be used in all kinds of .NET applications. Some classes are specific to Windows Forms or WPF and provide application specific support.
Sample applications demonstrate the use of many server access methods and show the UA server access in:

  • Windows Console applications
  • Windows Service applications
  • Windows Forms applications
  • WPF applications

Security configuration is simplified with built-in methods, an Interactive configuration utility and a command line utility for use in installers.

A UA simulation server is included for testing purposes.


Similar Products

  • The PaXi Client SDK implements the OPC .NET (Xi) specification and supports access to OPC UA, Classic OPC DA/HDA/AE and OPC .NET servers.
  • OPCDA.NET with the OPCDA.NET-UA option enables clients to access OPC DA and OPC UA servers through the same OPC DA .NET API.
  • OPCHDA.NET with the OPCHDA.NET-UA option enables clients to access OPC HDA and OPC UA servers through the same OPC HDA .NET API.
  • OPCAE.NET with the OPCAE.NET-UAoption enables clients to access OPC AE and OPC UA servers through the same OPC AE .NET API.



  • .NET 4.x
  • Windows 7, 8.x,10 or Windows Server 2008,2012,2016    32 or 64 bit
  • Visual Studio 2010,2012,2013,2015,2017


Supported OPC UA Profiles

DA License General Base Client Behaviour Facet, Core Client Facet, AddressSpace Lookup Client Facet, Discovery Client Facet, Multi-Server Client Connection Facet, File Access Client Facet, Node Management Client Facet, Advanced Type Programming Client Facet, Diagnostic Client Facet
Data Access Attribute Read Client Facet, Attribute Write Client Facet, DataChange Subscriber Client Facet, DataAccess Client Facet
Events Event Subscriber Client Facet, Notifier and Source Hierarchy Client Facet, Auditing Client Facet
Methods Method Client Facet
Full License
also includes
Alarms & Conditions A&C Simple Client Facet, A&C Address Space Instance Client Facet, A&C Enable Client Facet, A&C Alarm Client Facet, A&C Exclusive Alarm Client Facet, A&C Non-Exclusive Alarm Client Facet, A&C Previous Instance Client Facet, A&C Dialog Client Facet and A&E Proxy Facet
Historical Access Historical Access Client Facet, Historical Data AtTime Client Facet, Historical Aggregate Client Facet, Historical Annotation Client Facet, Historical Access Modified Data Client Facet, Historical Data Insert Client Facet, Historical Data Update Client Facet, Historical Data Replace Client Facet, Historical Data Delete Client Facet, Historical Events Client Facet, Historical Event Insert Client Facet, Historical Event Update Client Facet, Historical Event Replace Client Facet, Historical Event Delete Client Facet



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